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Pines financials solid

Enough can’t be said about the financial turnaround of the Ocean Pines Association’s finances. Obviously, the association’s money management practices have brought about changes that few people could have imagined not that many years ago.

That was back when the OPA wasn’t just in a hole, it was excavating its way to insolvency — or extreme increases in assessments at the least — because of a multitude of bad decisions.

What helped get the red out of the financial statements, aside from a big boost from pandemic relief money, was one of the board of directors’ best decisions ever — getting out of the restaurant business and turning that operation over to professionals.

Although some directors were skeptical initially about contracting with a private operator, the Matt Ortt Companies did everything they said they would do — plus some. Instead of over-promising and under-delivering, Ortt did the opposite by operating conservatively while also recognizing and delivering the kind of product its market wanted.

It’s safe to say that financial awareness is up in all OPA departments these days, and the proof is in the financials. Here’s hoping that current practices will be carried on in the years ahead.