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Pragmatism expected to guide new directors

It might be said of the last board of directors of the Ocean Pines Association that it presided over a local version of an era of good feeling, when even major disagreements, with a couple of exceptions, were dealt with in a business-like manner.

As compared to some previous governing authorities in the community, these most recent boards managed to disagree without disintegrating into factional warfare even in difficult circumstances.

Equally important, the recently departed board allowed the administration to do what it needed to do to deliver some of the association’s most successful years in terms of finances and operations.

Ocean Pines voters apparently agree that they believe the newly elected directors will operate in similar manner. Judging from the absence of controversy during the candidates’  campaigning this summer, there is no reason for residents to expect otherwise.

There is every reason to believe that new directors Elaine Brady, John Latham and Jeffrey Heavner will take a pragmatic approach to problem solving and assessing what must be done for the community, what should be done and what may be done when the time is right.

Grand schemes and fantasy planning would not appear to have a place in their down-to-earth portfolios. That’s good news for residents and especially the association staff, which has been doing nothing but producing good results.

We congratulate Brady, Latham and Heavner for winning the confidence of association members and suspect they will soon go about proving that voters got it right.