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Council rejects Gillis in favor of Goldilocks

So much for the bird-in-the-hand approach to Heron Park in Berlin, following a Town Council majority’s rejection Monday of a proposal by developer Palmer Gillis to build a mixed-use project on a portion of the property. His plan wouldn’t have solved all the park’s problems, but discarding it altogether squanders the opportunity to at least… Read more »

Speculating on law pointless exercise

Second-guessing a court decision is easy to do, as is speculating on the legal strategy that led to that decision. But despite the ease with which these things can be done, it remains that lay people expounding on the law is no different than looking at the face of a broken clock and being able… Read more »

Bay program’s search for plastics needs you

In the 1967 film, “The Graduate,” a friend of the family corners young Benjamin Braddock, as played by Dustin Hoffman, and says, “I want to say one word to you, just one word … Plastics.” That was his career advice to the bewildered new college graduate, and pretty good advice it was, considering that society’s… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for support for OP Library Editor, Two weekends ago was the largest annual event held at the Ocean Pines Library. The volunteer organization Friends of the Ocean Pines Library sets up a book sale that encompasses over 25,000 books, DVD’s, audio books and music CD’s divided into about 25 categories. Most are sold over… Read more »

Election work should stay closer to home

The decision to shift the management of this year’s Ocean Pines Association election from a local business to a West Coast company has turned out to be a huge mistake, as the distance between Election Trust in Washington State and Ocean Pines has proven to be the problem that critics of the move feared it… Read more »

Tattoo studios should be cleared for takeoff

It’s been at least 40 years since tattoo shops emerged from the shadows of waterfront districts in port towns to brightly lit uptowns, and from the arms, knuckles, hands and chests of seafarers, soldiers and less noble characters to the smooth skin of ordinary people. As is obvious to anyone who ventures out in public,… Read more »

Bayside Editorial

Back to square one In applying for a renewal of its “Sustainable Community” status with the state Department of Housing and Community Development, the Town of Berlin wrote in 2019 that it was forming a committee to explore possible uses for the 68-acre parcel known as Heron Park. Now, four years later, town officials seem… Read more »

Brady, Latham, Murphy get our endorsement

The one thing missing from the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors election this summer is drama. Consequently, it has exactly what voters need: four qualified candidates who are not vowing to turn operations upside down. This absence of controversy allows association members to concentrate on what’s important — the attributes of the candidates, instead… Read more »

No need for new school construction committee

Editor, I am writing in response to the Worcester County Commissioners’ latest vote to form a commission to oversee local public school construction. One of the reasons Mr. Joe Mitrecic voting no for the formation of this commission was because of the existence of the Buckingham Planning Committee that has already been working on planning… Read more »