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Worcester G.O.L.D. sets the standard for service

OCEAN CITY — As it turns out, Worcester G.O.L.D. is a model philanthropic group in more ways than one. At last week’s annual fashion show fundraised, the group was honored with a renewal of their status as a non-profit that meets the Standards of Excellence, a set of guidelines established by Maryland Non-Profits, an independent… Read more »

Experienced artists and newcomers at Arts Stroll

BERLIN — There were no shortage of openings at last week’s 2nd Friday Art  and among them were relative newcomers to the scene as well as places that have been participating regularly for years. j.j. Fish this week featured miniaturist Monica Graham. Miniaturist is kind of an odd description but Graham was pressed for a… Read more »

Brown Box Theatre Project brings the hate to O.C.

OCEAN CITY — The Brown Box Theatre Project has never been afraid to rely on local audience support for new and sometimes challenging topics and they continue to push the dramatic envelope with their newest production “A Feeble Mind” opening at the Captain’s Table restaurant next weekend.  On the surface, the play is about a… Read more »

Artist Rina Thaler makes a statement with ‘Israel’

BERLIN — There was so much to explain, and so many qualifications to the explanations that Rina Thaler moved into stream of consciousness mode discussing her newest show “Israel – Life in the Holy Land”, which opened at the Globe during 2nd Friday Arts Stroll and will remain open throughout the month. She’d recently returned… Read more »

When it comes to paint Don Grafer goes to town

BERLIN — Having his own workspace isn’t exactly a new experience for Don Grafer, the newest artist in the Chamber Studios, but it is a fresh one. In fact, Grafer took several decades off from painting while he and his wife, Sue raised their family. Grafer painted mostly for his own pleasure during the better… Read more »

The triumphant reunion of a band before its time

WEST OCEAN CITY —  When Baillie and the Boys take the stage at the OC Jamboree next week, it will be the beginning of a new era for a group that has been ahead of its time since the 1970s. In the 70s and 80s there was pop, there was rock and there was R&B… Read more »

Local and national artists support one of their own

WEST OCEAN CITY — The art galleries along Route 611 have a vision for eventually turning the strip into a gallery district that encourages the opening an success of other galleries but building a culture is sometimes something of a challenge. Punk Rock Fish, the first of the galleries to see the area’s potential and… Read more »

Freeman Stage at Bayside promotes more than art

SELBYVILLE — The Freeman Stage at Bayside has, over the last half-decade, established itself as one of the premiere venues supporting the performing arts. From concerts to plays to interactive events, each of the last four summers has brought a new, richer dimension to the entertainment opportunities in the region. So as the Joshua M…. Read more »

Here’s to the no kill animal shelter in Georgetown

WHALEYVILLE — As part of their weekly Wine-Down Friday event Jack and Kathryn Danko-Lord have been hosting guest bartenders for the better part of the last year. The idea began as a way to raise money and awareness for local charities in the best way the couple new how — drinking wine. Using a word… Read more »

New acts bring music to Berlin’s ears

WEST OCEAN CITY — When owner Gina Servant and teacher Kevin Roberts of Around Sound got together with Jennifer Dawicki at the Globe to begin planning a recital for the students, none of the realized how useful a partnership it would become. But after last weekend’s successful performance by the Around Sound students and in… Read more »