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Back luxury model for Rt. 90 project

The State Highway Administration’s Route 90 corridor planning and environmental study released last week makes for interesting reading … for people who also get a kick out of reading food labels. As writing goes, the content of the SHA’s report is drier than a box of cereal, even though it does offer some insight into… Read more »

As corporations, HOAs must vote differently

Voting in a homeowners association election is more complicated and tougher to manage than it is in a government contest because of the weighted ballot system HOAs must follow. Unlike the government standard of one person, one vote, HOAs must observe the rule of one vote per ownership unit. This is because HOAs aren’t governments,… Read more »

Did AGH stand ground against cyber bullies?

No one is saying whether Atlantic General Hospital’s recovery from a ransomware attack two weeks ago came about because it paid the ransom or because it restored its computer services on its own with the help of outside experts. The public should assume the latter, considering how long the hospital’s computer network was locked and… Read more »

Internet full of villains out to do you harm

The computer on which this opinion is being written was attacked eight times last month by malicious emails that got through its first line of anti-virus defense. They were discovered by followup scans and were destroyed before they could be opened. In the past 12 months, this computer’s security programs caught 87 malicious emails and… Read more »

AGH deserves break as cybercrime victim

Atlantic General Hospital should not be blamed for becoming the latest victim of the surge in ransomware attacks on thousands of businesses, agencies and hospitals in this country over the last two years. In 2022 alone, 250 U.S. health care institutions were extorted for ransom in exchange for the key to unlock their hijacked networks…. Read more »