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Register to vote now or hold your peace

With the primary election less than a month away, citizens of northern Worcester County have a great deal of thinking to do in a short amount of time. Berlin and West Ocean City voters in particular have more than most to ponder in this year’s county contest because of the rush of candidates seeking to… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Gathering planned Editor, Did you know Jane and Joe Pattison, or Sally, Sue, Joe, or the wee one, Steve? We added Scott in Indiana. We lived in Newark from 1956-1962. If you knew any of us, you are invited to a celebration of Joe and Jane, June 25, noon to 3 p.m. at Public Landing… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Road walkability Editor, I noticed in the recent Bayside Gazette the OP Recreation and Parks Committee comments on pedestrian safety in regards to the Route 90 expansion. First, I think this is great and absolutely should be a priority. My concern is that Ocean Pines will still not recognize their own pedestrian issues. The Cathell… Read more »

Board’s action was right call to make

Regardless of whether the OPA Board of Directors has the authority t0 act in this instance, or even if some members have had it in for Tom Janasek for some time, the board’s vote last week to suspend the former director’s amenities privileges for 90 days was appropriate. By all accounts, his comments to Director… Read more »

Law says patrons, not bars, liable for actions

The question of whether a bar or restaurant can be held liable for the behavior of its patrons is especially interesting in Maryland, one of eight states that does not have what are known as “dram shop” laws. Dram shop laws pertain to an establishment’s liability  when providing bar service to an obviously intoxicated person… Read more »

Fleetwood’s gone but not too late for Viola

Good government administrators are hard to find, simply because there’s more to the job than solid managerial ability, budgeting experience and people skills. The occupants of these top posts must also be able to work well with a changing lineup of elected officials, regardless of their personal politics and philosophies. Ocean Pines and the Town… Read more »