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Major changes ahead in county government

The complexion of Worcester County’s Board of Commissioners shifted slightly with the Republican Party primary elections Tuesday, as the incumbents were returned to office and Eric Fiori held a 34-vote lead over Tim VanVonno in the race in District 3, or Sinepuxent District. The county board of elections supervisors won’t declare any of these contests… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Complex should go at 113 and 589 Editor, Although I am not a sports enthusiast, I believe that a sports complex in the area is not a bad idea, but the proposed complex location next to Steven Decatur High School is not likely the best location given the access/egress to the property. Not only is… Read more »

Gazette Editorial

The 2022 primary elections for the Democratic Party and Republican Party taking place next Tuesday will offer voters a ballot bursting with candidates. Some contests in this preliminary round are not contests at all, since the candidates face no competition and will, barring some bizarre circumstance, take office after the general election in November. In… Read more »

One problem solved: Viola stays on as GM

This summer’s Ocean Pines Association election could result in a significant change in the composition of the board of directors, considering that six candidates are vying for the board’s three open seats. That’s the sort of thing that politically aware association members might find unsettling. After all, the uneven history of the board has shown… Read more »

We must preserve our independence

As we celebrate Independence Day Monday, it’s evident that 246 years after the colonies declared their freedom from British rule, the only tyranny that continues to threaten us is our own. It has been that way since the country’s beginning, even though popular culture portrays the colonists as having greeted the Declaration of Independence with… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

What is an abortion to the law? Editor, I pray that as American society moves forward after the recent ruling in regards to abortion, that peace and open dialogue can prevail. We need a civil open discourse, not hatred and violence. I am pro-life and support protecting the unborn. That said, before we start overreacting,… Read more »