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They died for us, and we’re still the same

The dead can’t speak for themselves, but intelligent people might wonder what the fallen defenders of this country’s freedoms would say if asked, given our current national circumstances, whether their sacrifice has paid off. To be sure, Americans have been bitterly divided before, the Civil War being the most obvious example. But that was hardly… Read more »

Gazette Editorial

Two ironic instances occurred in Berlin, OP If Berlin and Ocean Pines have had one thing in common lately — aside from the shared zip code — it’s the undeniable irony of recent events. In Ocean Pines, it’s the elevation of board of directors member Rick Farr to Ocean Pines Association secretary, the officer responsible… Read more »

County’s draft budget follows usual pattern

A preliminary budget that’s higher on the expense side than the income side has become something of an annual ritual for Worcester County government, just as the reaction by the public has usually involved some handwringing. Looking at the history of the county budget process, however, this theoretical financial conundrum appears to be worse than… Read more »

Gazette Editorial

Don’t let fear of critics stop you from running It’s always much easier to find fault than to find a solution. That, as any office-holder has come to learn, is an unpleasant fact, because tearing something down without suggesting how to construct a new and improved replacement is the nature of political discourse. People want… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Why referendum vote will be a no Editor, While observing numerous debates sparked by the proposed revisions to the OPA Bylaws I thought of that epic western movie: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”    I felt the proposed changes had all three of these flavors.    Bylaws are an important legal document that… Read more »